Access Counseling, LLC
Ron Masters is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in private practice and has experienced the effects of trauma personally.  He has chosen to specialize in helping those who have been impacted by trauma and the associated symptoms.  Ron has searched for treatment approaches that augment traditional talk therapy to get to the core of the trauma more quickly and gently through the following treatment approaches: 

Ron is a certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist and has acquired specialized training in EMDR as well as other techniques that enhance traditional talk therapy approaches to accelerate the healing from traumatic events through adaptive integration of traumatic memories.  

Ron has also studied with Zivorad Slavinski, the developer of Primordial Energy Activation and Transendance (PEAT) and is a qualified PEAT processor and PEAT trainer,  There are a number of PEAT techniques that promote problem resolution and healing through the identification and neutralization of polarities which produce emotional distress and impede spiritual growth. These approaches and other techniques allow clients to move beyond the traumatic events of their life toward personal growth and engage in life with renewed confidence. 

Ron has also developed an alternative treatment approach called The Phoenix Protocol.  The Phoenix Protocol, an innovative application of three specific energy psychology techniques, has application to a broad range of issues including mental, emotional, physical, relational and social challenges.